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Winner of the 'Top Brand in LEDs' by ‘Electronics For You, Reader’s Choice Awards, 2013’, the PolyWa range of LEDs have the best chip configuration globally and the range includes:

- LED segment displays
- High, medium, low power LEDs for lighting
- Low and medium power LEDs in color for automotive
- Hi-flux (Piranha) LEDs, PLCC SMD LEDs, Power LEDs
- LED clusters
- Filament lamp retrofits

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PolyWa product catalog

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'Patent pending' uniLED™ is India’s first and only LED automotive fitment product designed to light-up every single OEM automotive light acsroinsgsl eall categories of vehicles (2,3 & 4 wheeler) and across all models (past, present & future) within the Indian automotive industry. A result of years of R&D and innovation by the best brains and creative minds in the LED industry, uniLEDTM is a unique concept that marks a new era in the Indian automotive lighting space.

uniLED™ fitments are manufactured by sourcing highest quality raw materials from Japan, Taiwan and USA to deliver performance that meets international benchmarks and quality standards. uniLEDTM fitments come with a 'Life-time LED warranty' and each product holds an Individual Patent to ensure that the customer only gets the best from the house of Kwality.

Download the Kwality
uniLED™ product catalog

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